Jesus Heals , Receive your healing now

Jesus Heals , Receive your healing now

Jesus heals 100% of all cancers and all diseases.


  • “I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus 15:26
  • “He heals all our diseases.” Psalms 103:3
  • “He (Jesus) healed them all.” Mat 12:15
  • “There was not a feeble one among all their tribes.” Psalms 105:37
  • “Himself took our infirmities and bore our sickness, and by His stripes, we were healed.” Isaiah 53:4 and 5
  • “He bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we may be dead to sin, might live unto righteousness, and with his stripes we are healed.” 1 Pet 2:24-25
  • “Believe you receive, and you shall have.” Read Mark 11:22-26

I can affirm all these scriptures are absolutely true. But you must study at least 2 hours everyday, the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive, in order for these truths to manifest in your body. Divine healing does not always manifest instantly. You must believe without a doubt in your heart. (Mark 11:22-26) And the only way you will do that, is by study and meditation.

If people will seriously school themselves into these things, they will be healed!

Every time!

To that end we offer many teachings on divine healing on the Archives page on this website. Millions have been physically healed by God using this ministry.

I (Sir T) have had serious cancer in my body 4 times. Each time, God and I beat it together, through careful diligent study of his word and through meditation and through good nutrition.

God did the hard part. But I had my part to play. And you as well, you have your part you must play.

You can be perfectly healed too! But only if you really want to live with all your heart, AND you study, study, study, everyday. (And eat a healthy diet)

As I mentioned, we have helped many receive from God, and we want to help you to.

HE will heal you, every time, if you do your part.

Most people are waiting on God. But God is waiting on you!

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